Meeting Mode Tutorial

Meeting mode is a special mode in AvatarCam application that allows you to present yourself as an avatar on online meetings. It this mode entire UI is hidden so it doesn't interfere your screen share. Remember! to exit the Meeting Mode you need to tap and hold the screen for 3 seconds! 

It works in combination with software like OBS, that is able to mirror your iPhone screen and then acts like a virtual web camera that you can use in online meeting applications. 

Here are five steps you need to follow in order to make it work:

Download the OBS Software

Head to OBS website and download a version appropriate to your operating system.


Plug your iPhone to your PC using USB cable

Add new video capture device

Click on + icon under Sources section, and add Video Capture Device


Select your iPhone as device

At this point you should see your iPhone's screen in the OBS preview


Adjust the preview

Use handles to resize the iPhone view. You can now switch AvatarCam to meeting mode and use it horizontally to make it look better


Enable Virtual Camera

Click on the Start Virtual Camera button. OBS will appear as an additional web camera device in any of the online meeting tools. and will stream a screen of your iPhone.